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Esee: Crystal-Clear Reading Vision Anytime, Anywhere:
A slim reader lens designed into a phone wallet or standalone wallet

ESEE is now LIVE! Check it out on Kickstarter today. Limited 40% off units are still available but are expected to run out in two days!

Why Esee?

Esee is a reading aid when you really need it, by conveniently traveling with your phone or your wallet Esee is always there to magnify and focus text for you.

Whether you're are at your favorite restaurant needing to read a menu, the grocery store struggling to read your shopping list, or just on-the-go.

why esee image

The Versions

Standalone Wallet:

The slim wallet version of Esee is one-third the thickness of standard wallets and  can still hold up to 9 cards. The wallet has a pocket designed for the Esee lens that can be slid out to use, or fully removed. Inside the wallet there is a license holder for quick ID referencing. You don't leave home without your wallet, now you won't ever leave without your readers either!


Phone Wallet:

For iPhone 12 and newer, Esee can magnetically attach to your phone! For  others devices, or if you do not want the wallet removable from the phone, we offer Esee with a premium adhesive strip to attach to your phone or phone case.

phone wallet.png

The Design

The Lens:

The proprietary lens design is shatter proof, scratch proof, and ultra clear.  By providing 3X magnification the lens replaces the need for you to pull out glasses when out in a group or when quickly searching through small text.


The Case:

 The case is made of premium vegan leather in a variety of colors to match your style. We've tested this leather in some pretty wild ways to ensure that it will remain in the same pristine condition that you bought it in for years to come.


ESEE is now LIVE! Check it out on Kickstarter today. Limited 40% off units are still available but are expected to run out in two days!

The Colors:

Esee comes in a variety of colors for whether you like the sleek black look, a classic leather brown, a bright white, navy blue, or red. Place your purchase and after the campaign a survey will be sent to you where you can choose the color (or colors) that match you best.

wallet colors

The Installation:


Attaching couldn't be easier, simply line Esee up to the center of your phone as shown below and boom, kiss your glasses goodbye.  When using you can either slide the lens out while on your phone or pull esee off for a quick read then place right after you use it onto your phone again for safe storage.The magnetic version of Esee will attach to any iPhone 12 or newer. If you use a case with your phone, ensure that you have a Magsafe case so that the magnets can work through the case. 

person pulling wallet


When using the adhesive version, ensure that the surface you want to adhere to is clean first, then peel the adhesive cover off of the reader and press firmly onto the surface for 30 seconds. Watch the clip below to see this in action, it's that easy.

adhesive wallet img

The Design Story

Like you or your loved ones, the engineers at Kickstart Products know what a pain it is to be without your reading glasses, or for that matter to have to use them at all. While on the go one day, a team member out of nowhere said "it sure would be great if you didn't need to constantly keep track of your glasses". Then just like many good ideas, a problem was identified, and the team was off to find a solution.


The design challenge was to find a solution that would: always be with the user, ultra-strong, and most importantly be quick and effective to use.

We identified phones and wallets as items that almost everyone always carried on them so we decided to go with a combination of offerings with these two items for whether the user wants to carry esee on its own as a wallet or combined with a phone wallet.


Through a somewhat outrageous amount of material testing, functional designs, and user studies, Kickstart Products believes they have come up with the perfect solution for any user. However, we know that any product has room for improvements so feel free to comment, email us, or heck even snail-mail us with any suggestions you have to make Esee even better!

design story image

ESEE is now LIVE! Check it out on Kickstarter today. Limited 40% off units are still available but are expected to run out in two days!

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